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When Anklebones first suggested the idea of doing a Sarah Connor Chronicles virtual season, my initial reaction was something along the lines of "Hell no." I was just coming off writing and executive producing two virtual seasons of Women's Murder Club, and the thought of diving into another series made my head spin. Virtual seasons are a LOT of work, and I knew a show like SCC would be even more complicated with cyborgs, time travel, and a computer hell bent on trying to destroy the world in the mix. The problem, however, is that I love these characters dearly, and where the show left them... there was just so much potential there for future stories. The next thing I knew, I was asking Anklebones, "So just how serious are you about this virtual season thing?"

Slowly but surely, the story began to map itself out for the first season. We spent hours and hours chatting about plot and character motivations as one writer after another joined our cause. Zennie may claim I strong-armed her into the series, but I, however, prefer the term "hounded." We just couldn't imagine doing the VS without the author of "Mixed Emotions" on-board. She got me into writing this fandom, darn it, and I was determined to make her a part of the team! In the end, we were blessed to have such a talented crew of writers, artists, and a kickass vidder to bring it all together.

After going through the agony and ecstasy of pulling off the first season... after the months and months of writing, editing, and drawing, we crawled our way across the finish line with a product we're proud of. And now we certify that we are all completely insane by trying to do it all over again.

Thanks for encouraging the madness!
Inspector Boxer

A note on crediting: Please read, share, and download the stories and images as you like for personal use. Do not post, archive, or distribute any materials from the virtual season without express consent of the creators.

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Inspector Boxer

Executive Producer & Writer

Inspectorboxer's LiveJournal

Contact Inspector Boxer

Executive Producer/Writer of the SCC VS and formerly of the WMC VS. I write for several different fandoms and would probably write for more, but fortunately I have a tiny shred of self-restraint.

I've written stories for the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Women's Murder Club, Nikki & Nora, Birds of Prey, Firefly, and have recently dabbled in Sanctuary. I'm also a big fan of the crossover pairing of Sarah Connor/River Tam and am having a blast writing about their adventures (set in the Firefly universe) in my story "No Rest for the Wicked." I love writing Sarah Connor because I find her to be one of the most layered and fascinating characters out there. She never ceases to fascinate me.



Executive Producer & Writer

Graphics Producer

Anklebones' LiveJournal

I’ve been writing casually as long as I can remember, but before SCC, I knew next to nothing about fanfiction. I had read it occasionally, and even wrote a two-page story in 2007 for the anime “Ranma ,” but it was more about being frustrated with the sorry state of published queer fiction than anything I was very serious about. Then I found Sarah and Cameron.

I started my own extended Sarah/Cameron fic “Resistance” almost two years ago, and it’s still a work in progress. I have a handful of short stories for these two as well, some silly, some sweet, some sad, and a longer piece I did for my first IDF. I’ve also used my fine arts background to share my addiction through illustration and graphics.  I first heard about virtual seasons when I found the beautifully done WMC VS, and it got me thinking, so when InspectorBoxer emailed me a few months later and asked if I was interested in teaming up for a TSCC virtual season, I couldn’t resist.

I read a few other fandoms, but SCC is the only one I’m invested enough in to write for. I’m currently working on a few original projects as well, including a novel that’s still in the planning stages.


Executive Producer & Writer

S2 Webmaster & Beta

zennie's LiveJournal

Contact zennie

zennie has been a writer in the fanculture world for a number of years; her interest in writing a fandom is peaked by a complex, psychologically-complicated characters, namely Faith, Sara Sidle, Kate Ashurst, and Sarah Connor.

After being strong-armed by Inspector Boxer to participate in the SCC VS, she worked as a second beta and writer of a couple of episodes. She brings an interest and expertise in artificial intelligence as well as an all-around ability to nag. She is responsible for the sorry state of the second season website and at least one episode.



Masque's YouTube Channel

Masque's LiveJournal

Masque's Website

Contact Masque

I started making music videos back in 1998 when Xena: Warrior Princess was at the height of its popularity. I've produced music videos for Bad Girls, Babylon 5, Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate, Birds of Prey and, of course, The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

When the International Day of Femslash issued the video challenge of making a trailer to encourage fans to look at a new fandom I chose TSCC. Little did I know what that 40-second teaser would lead to. Toward the end of 2009, I got a message from Anklebones telling me that both she and Inspector Boxer liked what I had done with promo and would like for me to join the SCC VS crew to create some promo videos for a virtual season. Though terrified I would not be able to pull off another teaser, let alone more than one, I agreed. My first job was to produce a promo that would go live after Anklebones, Inspector Boxer and zennie had announced the virtual season on Allaine's 'Femslash for Fans' radio show. After that it was a case of keeping the fans intrigued until the premiere episode aired in March. But by then I was enjoying making the promo videos so much that I decided to make the teasers for each episode as well. I particularly liked making the episode trailers for the challenge they provided in attempting to make old footage look like new footage and manipulating the clips into telling our stories.




Graphics Producer

Passion and Perfection

International Day of Femslash

Contact ralst


ralst, the maintainer and archiver in charge of Passion & Perfection, is a well-known figure in the femslash community, and we were lucky to have her participate in the first season of the VS. Episode 7, Where Madness Reigns, is a trippy journey through Sarah's fevered mind and a wonderful read. She is still contributing to the VS behind the scenes by providing feedback on the direction of the season and supplying ad graphics.

ralst is also the driving force behind and an organizer of the International Day of Femslash and the P&P consortium of femslash archives and communities.



Graphics Producer


Coming soon!


Season Two Beta

Revolos55 is fearsome slayer of typos, killer of commas, and generally all-around nitpicky beta reader for the second season of TSCC VS, as well as being an unashamed fangirl. After being teased with the unaired pilot of Nikki & Nora in 2007 and needing more stories about the pair, she did something she swore she would never do, and that was "read fanfiction." It quickly consumed her life, and after a few months she began to offer her unsolicited typo-slaying skills to a few of her favorite writers, who were quite understanding of the whole thing. She has been a beta reader for some great alpha writers in the Women's Murder Club, Otalia, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Glee fandoms and was one of the two beta readers for the Women's Murder Club Virtual Season.


Season One Beta

darandkerry's' LiveJournal

Coming soon!


Season One Webmaster

Graphics Producer

Coming soon!



Coming soon!



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